Great Heron Healing Arts  Kate Raley, M.A., R.M.T., Energy Therapist

Energy therapy is based on the belief that our true nature is one of wholeness—an integrated, interconnected self—and this wholeness gives us the instinctive knowledge of what is positive and healthy for our self, and also what hurts it and should be avoided. However in times of heavy stress, and certainly in times of trauma, this knowledge can become disrupted. During a traumatic event(s) we can emotionally detach, or dissociate, in order to protect ourselves from the physical or emotional danger. While this dissociation helps us move through the actual event, it can cause a separation within ourselves—a fragmenting of our “whole” nature as well as the energy system infusing it—that lasts far beyond the event.

The most striking feature for survivors of traumatic events is the feeling of never quite being able to recover, never quite getting back on one’s feet. The event or events feel life-altering, and feelings such as rage, depression, and guilt can continually surface. In a certain sense, survivors have these feelings because a part of them is still caught in the event. This part is separated from the whole and can’t move forward, and survivors instinctively know this (the knowledge may not be conscious, but it is there). Survivors know this division inside them is not their natural, healthy state, but they don’t always know how to regain what has been lost.

This is where energy therapy can be extremely helpful. Energy therapy can help guide a survivor’s energy system out of its fragmented state, reintegrating it into a natural whole. When survivors feel this reconnection to their true, whole selves, the process of healing and letting go can occur more naturally. Among others, the benefits of energy therapy may include:

A greater sense of peace
More balance in personal and professional life
A regained sense of hope
A grounded connection to the world and to oneself
The ability to move forward

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