Great Heron Healing Arts  Kate Raley, M.A., R.M.T., Energy Therapist

What do you charge for sessions?

I offer a sliding fee scale for my services. Please call or email me to find out more about my current rates. Please note that I offer a free 15-minute consultation for all new clients. This consultation is an opportunity for the client to become more familiar with both energy therapy and myself as a practitioner.

What are your credentials?

I have a Master’s in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College, and I am certified as a Reiki Master Teacher. My focus of study at Goddard College was Energy Medicine, and I am well versed in the cross-cultural practices of energy work. I have studied reiki, energy medicine, Qigong (Chi Kung), shamanic healing, Qi (Chi) healing, and sound healing.

What is energy therapy?

Energy Therapy (often called energy work or energy healing) is a holistic approach to health and well-being. The practices of Reiki, healing touch and energy medicine are all forms of energy therapy. In this context, energy is defined as the life force energy that is inherent in all beings.

In energy therapy sessions, I work with clients to help balance their life force energy to create health and well-being. The best way I have found to describe the actual process is using the definition of energy as vibration. Different emotional issues—for example, stress, physical pain, or anger—create different energetic vibrations within the body. I have been trained to use my hands to sense these imbalances, and the placement of my hands is, in a way, a form of listening to them. When I listen and am very present to the energies, they are allowed to shift and change to a more natural and harmonious state. The use of my voice works in a similar fashion. The vibrations in the sounds I make meet and are present to the imbalances in the client, helping these imbalances to shift and flow. I find that if I work with an issue long enough with sound and touch, deep healing and peace will naturally occur.

As with most holistic healing, the positive effects of energy therapy increase over time. The more the body can grow accustomed to the changes in its energy system, the more ingrained those changes will become. While some issues may need only one or two sessions of treatment, others may require more.

Do I need to have strong spiritual beliefs for energy therapy to be effective?

In my practice, I define energy therapy as the act of being present or bringing attention to another’s inherent wholeness. This wholeness exists in all of us, whatever our beliefs may be.

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