Great Heron Healing Arts  Kate Raley, M.A., R.M.T., Energy Therapist

A typical energy healing session lasts about an hour or so. I begin each session with a brief energy-balancing exercise, which allows you to relax and get a sense of your own energy system, giving you a clearer focus on your issue of concern.

Once you have settled on an energetic focus, or issue, the hands-on part of the session begins. You lie down, fully clothed, either on a massage table or reclining chair, depending on where you feel most comfortable. In this part of the session, I use my hands with a gentle touch, as well as healing sound, to facilitate relaxation and allow your energy system to open and realign. I encourage you to let me know if you feel uncomfortable at any time, and together we can make the proper adjustments. As I work, you may find yourself entering into a deeply relaxed state, similar to sleeping.

Once the hands-on part of the energy therapy session ends, we discuss any questions or insights you may have. I encourage you to schedule some time for yourself after the energy therapy session—even fifteen to twenty minutes will do. This time can help you more fully understand and enjoy the effects of the energy therapy.

While some issues may need only one or two sessions of treatment, others may require more. Since our energy systems can fall back into their old patterns, particularly if the issues blocking them are long-standing and deep, repeated sessions over time can help clients create stronger and healthier energetic patterns. Generally I encourage clients to commit to at least four energy therapy sessions.

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